Website Updates from Fairwind Web Team

On December 11, 2019, the new Fairwind Web Team re-established ownership of the Fairwind website. We appreciate your patience as the website undergoes changes to improve your experience. Some things that the web team wishes to bring to your attention:

  1. An email was sent out to all membership on 12/13/2019 at approximately 2:40PM PST regarding the password on the membership side of this site. If you are having issues with the password, please look for that email.
  2. The site may show as “not secure” in some browsers. This is because the security certificate has not yet been installed. This is one of the most immediate tasks that a member of the web team is addressing.
  3. The “” email addresses are being re-established. Most are already completed but some club officers may still need to confirm the forwarding request. If you are sending an email to a “” email and you get the email back or you are an officer and believe that the proper email has not been setup, please inform the web team.
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